Sincerus Northfield LP

Finding Opportunity in Land


Development Highlights

  • A portion of Parcel A has water and waste water infrastructure in place and partially being utilized
  • Subdivision plan is approved for a portion of Parcel A, subject to plan registration and executing the servicing agreement
  • The project plans for road building on a portion of Parcel A as early as summer 2013, with lots available for sale shortly thereafter
  • Local apartment vacancy rates at 1.1% as of April, 2012 create a strong housing demand in a region with limited competing lot inventory
  • Young, family oriented population base with low unemployment rates
  • Rapidly expanding population with growing housing needs

Key Features

  •   Capital Raise:            $9,000,000
  •   Minimum:                 $10,000 (100 Units)
  •   LP Units:                   $120 per LP Unit
  •   Bond/Share Units:   $80 bond + $40 share

                                                     RRSP and TFSA Eligible

  • Bond Interest:             9.0% annual simple interest payable at earlier

                                                   of December 2017 or time of bond redemption



Project Details

  •   Size:                         23.56 acres
  •   Term:                       Potential exit in 3 to 5 years 
  •   Purchase Price:      Parcel A:  $1,495,000
  •   Estimated Value:   Parcel A: $2,295,000*




* Based on estimated per acre value of immediately adjacent land appraised by Plant & Associates Appraisal Service Inc., September 2012 and on estimated value of underground services in place.

This is not intended to be an offering of securities. Offerings in Sincerus Northfield Limited Partnership are made only to those investors in jurisdictions of Canada who meet certain eligibility or minimum purchase requirements pursuant to NI 45-106. The risks of investing are outlined and detailed in the form of an offering memorandum prescribed by NI 45-106 and you should review the offering memorandum in detail prior to investing. Investments are not guaranteed or insured and the value of units may fluctuate and the ultimate retun to the investor is uncertain. See the applicable offering memorandum for complete details.