Land as an Investment Opportunity

  • The conversion of raw land to residential, industrial or commercial property provides an opportunity to add value by changing the zoning, and altering its intended use. This type of value-added ability is not available in traditional investments. As a tangible asset, land also places more control in the hands of the development team or investing group.


  • Pooling investors allows Sincerus Capital to develop more land at once, gaining economies of scale. This scale has the potential to reduce infrastructure costs for all investors.

Limited Supply



  • Unique pieces of land in good locations are limited in most markets. Therefore, good land located in close proximity to growing urban centres is an opportunity for qualified investors to participate in its development.


  • We believe that good timing is essential to maximizing the profitability of a real estate investment.   During an upswing in the economy, land tends to appreciate much faster than developed properties.  


  • An upswing in the economy is evidenced by strong employment levels,  consumer spending and low vacancy rates.  This in turn creates demand for developed properties, such as residential, commercial and industrial buildings.   


  • When we acquire land in areas of high growth,  we  maximize potential returns for our investors and increase the likelihood of a quick exit.   





  • Through the past century, the highest conversion of wealth in North America has been achieved by converting farmland into residential, commercial and industrial property.

This is not intended to be an offering of securities. Offerings in Sincerus projects are made only to those investors in jurisdictions of Canada who meet certain eligibility or minimum purchase requirements pursuant to NI 45-106. The risks of investing are outlined and detailed in the form of an offering memorandum prescribed by NI 45-106 and you should review the offering memorandum in detail prior to investing. Investments are not guaranteed or insured and the value of units may fluctuate. See the applicable offering memorandum for complete details.